Alkanes and Chemical Markers Identified in the Essential Oil from Pericarp of Nanfengmiju (Citrus kinokuni Hort. ex Tanaka)


  • Jian Wang Chongqing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine



Alkanes, chemical markers, tricosane, essential oils, Nanfengmiju (Citrus kinokuni Hort. ex Tanaka)


Based on the previously researches, this manuscript comprehensively analysed the chemicals in essential oil (EO) from pericarp of Nanfengmiju, a variety of Citrus kinokuni Hort. ex Tanaka. The isolated crystals from the EO were mainly composed of a series of alkanes. In total, 33 alkanes were identified, in which 14 ones were firstly reported in the peels EOs from Citrus L., to the best of my knowledge. Previously, alkanes were neglected and never thought as the chemical markers of peels EOs from Citrus. In fact, some of them can be chosen as the markers such as tricosane and pentacasane. Eight compounds including limonene, γ-terpinene, α-terpineol, α-farnesene, linalool, thymol, α-sinensal, and methyl-N-methyl anthranilate had already been identified as the markers of peels EOs from Citrus reticulata Blanco. α-Sinensal and methyl-N-methyl anthranilate were undetected in this study. At the same time, another 2 compounds β-terpineol and δ-cadinene were first selected, and 2 compounds such as spathulenol and isospathulenol were identified previously as the markers of peel EO from Nanfengmiju. In total, twelve markers were identified for peels EO from Nanfengmiju.


Resumen. Con base en investigaciones previas, en este trabajo se analizan exhaustivamente los productos químicos presentes en el aceite esencial (EO) del pericarpio de Nanfengmiju, una variedad de Citrus kinokuni Hort. ex Tanaka. Los cristales aislados del EO estaban compuestos principalmente por una serie de alcanos. En total, se identificaron 33, entre los cuales, de acuerdo con lo que sabemos, 14 se informaron por primera vez en los aceites esenciales de cáscaras de Citrus L. En este trabajo se proponen algunos alcanos como marcadores químicos de los aceites esenciales de las cáscaras de cítricos, como el tricosano y el pentacasano. Ocho compuestos, incluidos limoneno, γ-terpineno, α-terpineol, α-farneseno, linalol, timol, α-sinensal y antranilato de metil-N-metilo, ya se han identificado como marcadores de AE de cáscaras de Citrus reticulata Blanco. En este estudio no se detectaron ni el α-sinensal ni el antranilato de metil-N-metilo. Al mismo tiempo, se seleccionaron otros 2 nuevos marcadores: β-terpineol y δ-cadineno, y compuestos como el espatulenol y el isospatulenol se identificaron previamente como marcadores del EO de la cáscara de Nanfengmiju. En total, se identificaron doce marcadores para EO de Nanfengmiju.


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