Potential Antimicrobial and Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Piper caldense Tissues


  • Dayane Silva Rocha Rural Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Janete Magali da Silva Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Daniela Maria do Amaral Ferraz Navarro Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Claúdio Augusto Gomes Camara Rural Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Camila Soledade de Lira Federal University of Pernambuco
  • Clécio Souza Ramos Rural Federal University of Pernambuco




Piper caldense, Piperaceae, essential oil, antimicrobial activity.


The essential oils from leaves, stems and roots of Piper caldense were analyzed by GC-MS. The antibacterial potential of the oils was evaluated against gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria. The major chemical constituents that were identified from various parts of this plant were α-cardinal, α-muurolol, tujopsan-2-β-ol and δ-cadiene in the leaves, valencene, pentadecane, elina-3,7-11-dieno α-terpineol in the roots and terpine-4-ol, α-terpineol, α-cadinol 2-β-ol in the stems. Tissue oils showed antibacterial activity against the bacteria tested except for Enterococcus faecalis. This is the first report of the biological activity and chemical composition essential oil of P. caldense.


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Author Biographies

Dayane Silva Rocha, Rural Federal University of Pernambuco

Department of Chemistry

Janete Magali da Silva, Federal University of Pernambuco

Department of Antibiotics

Daniela Maria do Amaral Ferraz Navarro, Federal University of Pernambuco

Department of Fundamental Chemistry

Claúdio Augusto Gomes Camara, Rural Federal University of Pernambuco

Department of Chemistry

Camila Soledade de Lira, Federal University of Pernambuco

Department of Fundamental Chemistry

Clécio Souza Ramos, Rural Federal University of Pernambuco

Department of Chemistry


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