Epoxidation of Neral/Geranial Using a Jacobsen-Katsuki Mn catalyst by Chemical and Electrochemical Methods


  • Omar Portilla-Zuñiga Universidad del Cauca
  • Marco Fidel Mosquera-Ramírez Universidad Del Cauca - Unicauca
  • Jaime Martín-Franco Universidad del Cauca
  • Olga Lucía oyos-Saavedra Universidad del Cauca
  • Germán Cuervo-Ochoa Universidad Del Cauca - Unicauca




Epoxidation, Electrochemical synthesis, Citral, Neral, Geranial


In this study, trans-(±)-N,N′-bis(salicylidene)-1,2-cyclo-hexanediaminemanganese(III) chloride ([Mn(t-salcn)]Cl) was synthe-sized and used as a catalyst for the epoxidation of citral. The  percentage of converted citral in two methods, chemical and electro-chemical, was determined and compared; in the former method, the oxidizing agent NaClO was directly and completely added at the start of the reaction, while in the latter, ClO− was progressively generated in situ. The reaction was monitored by the quantification of citral using gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry. The results showed that in both cases, the major products correspond to epoxides from ci-tral isomers, although differences were observed in the value of per-centage of epoxides obtained, besides the generation of side reactions affecting the yield of the product of interest.


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Author Biographies

Omar Portilla-Zuñiga, Universidad del Cauca

Grupo de Investigación en Procesos Electroquímicos

Marco Fidel Mosquera-Ramírez, Universidad Del Cauca - Unicauca

Grupo de Investigación en Procesos Electroquímicos

Jaime Martín-Franco, Universidad del Cauca

Grupo de Investigación en Química de Productos Naturales, Departamento de Química

Olga Lucía oyos-Saavedra, Universidad del Cauca

Grupo de Investigación en Procesos Electroquímicos

Germán Cuervo-Ochoa, Universidad Del Cauca - Unicauca

Grupo de Investigación en Procesos Electroquímicos


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