Preparation of Modified nano-SiO2 by Bismuth and Iron as a novel Remover of Methylene Blue from Water Solution


  • Farhad Salimi Islamic Azad University
  • Keivan Tahmasobi Islamic Azad University
  • Changiz Karami Islamic Azad University
  • Alireza Jahangiri Shahrekord University



adsorption, modified nano- silica with bismuth and iron, bismuth, iron, methylene blue


Modified nano-silica with Bismuth and Iron adsorbent was synthesized to be used as an effective adsorbent material for methylene blue (MB) removal from water solution. The prepared samples were characterized using SEM, FTIR, XRD and TEM. The effect of experimental parameters such as pH, contact time and initial concentration on adsorption treatment were studied. Results indicated that the optimum conditions for maximum adsorption of 20 mg/L MB were: contact time of 20 minutes, pH= 5-6 and 8 gr/L adsorbent, the remaining MB in solution was 1.75%. Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms were employed to model the experimental results and the Freundlich isotherm was the best-fitting models for the experiment results. The kinetic data were also analyzed through pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order models. The pseudo-second-order kinetic model well depicted the kinetics of dyes adsorption on adsorbent.


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Author Biographies

Farhad Salimi, Islamic Azad University

Department of chemical engineering, Kermanshah Branch

Keivan Tahmasobi, Islamic Azad University

Department of chemical engineering, Kermanshah Branch

Changiz Karami, Islamic Azad University

Department of Chemistry, Kermanshah Branch

Alireza Jahangiri, Shahrekord University

Faculty of Engineering





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