Air Dehydration by Permeation Through Dimethylpolysiloxane/polysulfone Membrane


  • Shui Wai Lin Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana
  • Salvador Valera Lamas Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana



gas separation, permselective membranes, dimethylpolysiloxane, dry air.


The present work focuses on design, fabrication and evaluation of an air-dehydration membrane system that is capable of producing dry air with a Dew Point of –50ºC at a rate of 310 cm3/s using compressed wet-air (90 psig, 23ºC) as feed to a membrane system of dimethylpolysiloxane thin-film supported by microporous polysulfone substrate (PDMS/PS). The dehydrator element comprises of a flat sheet PDMS/PS membrane fixed to a cylindrical tubular support, the latter is fitted inside an appropriated chamber. The air-dehydration process is achieved by means of selective permeation of H2O(g) over N2 and O2 gases, the major components of the wet- air, through PDMS/PS membrane.


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Author Biographies

Shui Wai Lin, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Centro de Graduados e Investigación

Salvador Valera Lamas, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Centro de Graduados e Investigación


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