Use of Mass Spectrometry for Identification and Quantitation of Tensoactive Agents in Synthetic Latex Samples


  • José-Luis Gallegos-Pérez Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genómica
  • Cristina Fonseca-Corona Centro de Investigación en Polímeros
  • Luz Elena Vera-Avila Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Surfactants, Synthetic Latex, Orbitrap


Separation, characterization and quantification of surfactants in different matrices is important due to the continuously increasing use of these products in industry and the adverse effects of their degradation products in the environment. However, surfactant separation and identification is a real challenge because of the wide chemical diversity of this type of compounds. In this report, HPLCUV or HPLC-Evaporative light scattering detector combined with electrospray ionization (infusion)-high resolution mass spectrometry (ESI-HRMS) was used for the study of main components in four commercial surfactants. In a second stage, size-exclusion chromatography and off-line ESI-MS were combined for quantification of surfactants in a synthetic latex sample by standard-additions method. This strategy allowed unambiguous determination of the structure of tensoactive agents in commercial products, and further use of obtained data for the selective determination of surfactants in the complex polymeric matrix of an industrial latex.


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Author Biographies

José-Luis Gallegos-Pérez, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genómica

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Proteomics Facility

Luz Elena Vera-Avila, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Facultad de Química, Departamento de Química Analítica


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