Speciation and Sources of Toxic Metals in Sediments of Lake Chapala, Mexico


  • Juan Luis Trujillo-Cárdenas Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Nereida P. Saucedo-Torres Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Pedro Faustino Zárate del Valle Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Nely Ríos-Donato Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Eduardo Mendizábal Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Sergio Gómez-Salazar Universidad de Guadalajara




sediments, toxic metals, speciation, lake pollution


Heavy metals chemical speciation in Lake Chapala sediments was studied using sequential extraction to assess the mobility of potentially biotoxic metals and to elucidate their sources. Lake water quality was also studied. Results show Cd, Pb, Cr present in exchangeable and carbonate fractions indicating anthropogenic origin. An ecologic history indicates anthropogenic sources of Cd, Pb, Cr during 1960-2006. Risk Assessment Code indicates very high risk of pollution for water column due to high potential detachment of heavy metals.


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Author Biographies

Juan Luis Trujillo-Cárdenas, Universidad de Guadalajara

Departamento de Química

Nereida P. Saucedo-Torres, Universidad de Guadalajara

Departamento de Química

Pedro Faustino Zárate del Valle, Universidad de Guadalajara

Departamento de Química

Nely Ríos-Donato, Universidad de Guadalajara

Departamento de Química

Eduardo Mendizábal, Universidad de Guadalajara

Departamento de Química

Sergio Gómez-Salazar, Universidad de Guadalajara

Departamento de Ingeniería Química


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