Biocompatibility Evaluation of Electrospun Scaffolds of Poly (L-Lactide) with Pure and Grafted Hydroxyapatite


  • José Manuel Cornejo-Bravo Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • Luis Jesús Villarreal-Gómez Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • Ricardo Vera-Graziano Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • María Raquel Vega-Ríos Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • José Luis Pineda-Camacho Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • Horacio Almaraz-Reyes Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • Paris Astrid Mier-Maldonado



Biocompatibility, electrospun scaffolds, In vivo and In vitro assay, MTT assay, tissue regeneration, poly(L-lactide)


The objective of this work was to evaluate the biocompatibility of scaffolds of poly(L-lactide) with pure and grafted hydroxyapatite, at various concentrations of reinforcement. The biocompatibility tests were carried out in vivo in Wistar rats by implanting the material into the subcutaneous and muscle tissues from 1 to 14 weeks and evaluating the surrounding tissue stained with hematoxylin-eosin. For in vitro assays, MTT and neutral red assay were used to evaluate any cytotoxicity in Mioblast Muscle C2C12 Cells (ATCC® CRL-1772™) and Bovine Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells (BCAEC); Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were used to evaluate bacterial adhesion. All variants of scaffolds provoked a mild inflammatory response, without showing necrosis. No evidence of cytotoxicity was presented in cell viability tests and good bacterial cell adhesion was visualized for all of the materials studied.


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Author Biographies

José Manuel Cornejo-Bravo, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Facultad de Ciencias Químicas e Ingeniería

Luis Jesús Villarreal-Gómez, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Centro de Ingeniería y Tecnología

Ricardo Vera-Graziano, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales

María Raquel Vega-Ríos, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Facultad de Medicina y Psicología

José Luis Pineda-Camacho, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Facultad de Medicina y Psicología

Horacio Almaraz-Reyes, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Facultad de Medicina y Psicología

Paris Astrid Mier-Maldonado

Centro en Ciencias de la Salud


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