Methylene: The Linker of Two Aromatic Iminium Salts


  • Anurag Noonikara-Poyil University of Texas at Arlington
  • Enrique Barragan University of Texas at Arlington
  • Siddappa Patil Jain University
  • Alejandro Bugarin University of Texas at Arlington



Aromatic iminium salts, Pi-conjugated triazene, X-ray structure, iodomethane, methylene chloride.


A straightforward synthesis of aromatic iminium salts has been developed by coupling 2-Azido-1,3,5-trimethyl benzene with 1,3-ditert-butylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate in basic conditions, followed by treatment with dichloromethane or iodomethane. Herein, we report the synthetic procedure and full characterization data, including X-ray structure analysis, of the expected bis(triazenyl)methane adduct 5. Moreover, we have discovered what constitutes a double carbon-chlorine bond activation.


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Author Biography

Alejandro Bugarin, University of Texas at Arlington

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


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For additional crystallography data of compound 5 in CIF and other formats, see the CCDC 1832942.