Use of Experimental Design for Calibration and Validation of Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid Mixtures


  • Fuentesanta Sánchez Rojas University of Málaga
  • Catalina Bosch Ojeda University of Málaga
  • Antonio Jesús Ruiz Sánchez University of Málaga
  • María Espinosa Bosch University Hospital “Virgen del Rocío”



ascorbic acid, citric acid, experimental design, ANOVA, multiple linear regression


The general objective of present work has been the development and application of analytical methodologies based on the combination of UV spectra with chemometrics methods of experimental design for establishing the matrix of calibration and later analysis of the obtained results. The analytes selected for this study have been citric acid and ascorbic acid. The citric acid is a tri-carboxylic organic acid that is present in most of the fruits, mainly in citrus like the lemon and the orange. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is an organic acid with antioxidant properties; their importance for the human immune system and for the prevention of various diseases is a matter of common knowledge.


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Author Biographies

Fuentesanta Sánchez Rojas, University of Málaga

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences

Catalina Bosch Ojeda, University of Málaga

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences

Antonio Jesús Ruiz Sánchez, University of Málaga

Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences

María Espinosa Bosch, University Hospital “Virgen del Rocío”

Department of Pharmacy, General Hospital


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