Oxidation of Some Organic Diols with Trialkylammonium Fluorochromates(VI), R3NH[CrO3F], (R= CH3, C2H5, C3H7 and C4H9) at Room Temperature and Under Microwave Condition


  • Shahriar Ghammamy Islamic Azad University; Faculty of Science
  • Samira Khorsandtabar Islamic Azad University
  • Ali Moghimi Islamic Azad University
  • Hajar Sahebalzamani Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University




Trialkylammonium fluorochromates(VI), oxidants, oxidation, diols, microwave, room temperature


A mild and efficient method for the mono-oxidation of diols to the corresponding hydroxyaldehydes with trialkylammonium fluorochromates(VI), R3NH[CrO3F] (R= CH3, C2H5, C3H7 and C4H9), in solution at room temperature, and in solution under microwave radiation, is reported. The easy procedure, simple work-up, short reaction times, and excellent yields are advantages of these reagents.


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Author Biographies

Shahriar Ghammamy, Islamic Azad University; Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry; Department of Chemistry

Samira Khorsandtabar, Islamic Azad University

Department of Chemistry

Ali Moghimi, Islamic Azad University

Department of Chemistry

Hajar Sahebalzamani, Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University

Departments of Chemistry


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