Single point calibration for quantitative speciation of selenomethionine in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by HPLC-ICP-MS: using reliable, traceable and comparable measurements

Márcia Silva da Rocha, Lilian da Silva, Rodrigo Caciano de Sena, Thiago de Oliveira Araújo, Marcelo Dominguez de Almeida, María Luisa Fernández Sánchez, Alfredo Sanz Medel


The production of selenium and selenomethionine certified reference material in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and certification studies for its homogeneity, stability and characterization, have been accomplished before in our laboratory. Based on such results and experience of our laboratory in Metrology and according to literature, we discuss here the advantages and limitations of the calibration by “single point” as an alternative method to the classical calibration curve. The method traceability to the SI is checked in order to secure a robust determination. As the model analyte the mass fraction of the Se species selenomethionine is measured and compared in yeast samples. Results showed that a good agreement was obtained by both methods (the reference one of the calibration curve and “single point calibration”). This simple approach can be used for routine control of selenomethionine in commercial supplements of yeast samples, but the work carried out demonstrated its potential for the general routine quantitative analysis of the possible and important selenium species in other Se-enriched supplements commercialised in Latin America (i.e. mushrooms, garlic etc).


selenomethionine; calibration curve; single point calibration; measurement uncertainty; HPLC-ICP-MS

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