Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society
(J.Mex. Chem. Soc.)
former Revista de la Sociedad Química de México (Rev. Soc. Quím. Méx.)

Volume 60, Issue 3, pp 101 - 181
July-September, 2016

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101 Structural and Electronic Characterization of CuxBi2Se3
Paola Arévalo López,* Francisco Morales Leal and Roberto Escudero Dera
108 Application of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Coated Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Extraction and Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Propranolol in Different Biological Samples
Ahad Bavili Tabrizi* and Nadereh Dehghani Teymurlouie
117 Development of a HPLC-DAD Method for the Simultaneous Quantification of 5-O-β-Dgalactopyranosyl- 7-methoxy-3’,4’-dihydroxy-4-phenylcoumarin and its Aglycone in Feces
Cristians Sol, Rubio-Carrasco Kenneth, Díaz-Juárez Angélica Soledad, González-Covarrubias Vannesa and Fuentes-Noriega Inés *
125 Synthesis and Modification of the Amyloid Peptide Sequence 37-42 of Aβ42 (AβPP): Efficient Synthesis of N-methylated Peptides, Expanding the Tools for Peptide Research
María Elena Rosas-Valdéz, Jaime Escalante,* Ismael Bustos-Jaimes, Ignacio Regla, and Alicia Boto
135 A Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensor Based on the Immobilization of the Highly Stable Royal Palm Tree Peroxidase (Roystonea regia) with Chitosan and Glutaraldehyde on Screen-printed Graphene Electrodes
Erika N. Villamizar, Carlos A. Ríos and John J. Castillo*
141 The Influence of co-catalyst in the Polymerization of 1,3-butadiene Catalyzed by Neodymium Chloride Tripentanolate
Luis Alexandro Valencia López, Francisco Javier Enríquez-Medrano, Hortensia Maldonado Textle, Florentino Soriano Corral, Héctor Ricardo López González, Claude St Thomas, Francisco Hernández Gámez, José Luis Olivares Romero and Ramón Enrique Díaz de León Gómez*
148 Potential Antimicrobial and Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Piper caldense Tissues
Dayane Silva Rocha, Janete Magali da Silva, Daniela Maria do Amaral Ferraz Navarro, Claúdio Augusto Gomes Camara, Camila Soledade de Lira and Clécio Souza Ramos*
152 Determination of Acidity Constants, Partition Coefficients between Water and 1-Octanol, and Deprotonation Route of 4-tert-buthyl-bis-(2,6-thiomorpholin-4-ylmethyl)-1-phenol and 4-hydroxy-3,5-bis(morpholin-1-ylmethyl)benzonitrile; Compounds with Antihypertensive Properties
Agustin Ibarra-Escutia, Alberto Rojas-Hernández,* Annia Galano, Enrique Ángeles, Diana Martínez-Mendoza and Rosario Moya-Hernández
163 Seed Oil evaluation of the Desert Plant Jatropha peiranoi and its Potential as Feedstock for Biofuel
Sebastián Fracchia,* Victoria Miranda and Adriana A. Rickert
168 Review. One Drug for Multiple Targets: A Computational Perspective
Oscar Méndez-Lucio, J. Jesús Naveja, Hugo Vite-Caritino, Fernando Daniel Prieto-Martínez, and José Luis Medina-Franco*
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