Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society
(J.Mex. Chem. Soc.)
former Revista de la Sociedad Química de México (Rev. Soc. Quím. Méx.)

2010, Volume 54, Issue 4, pp 175-244
October-December, 2010

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175-181 Effect of CoMo/HSO3-functionalized MCM-41 over Heavy Oil
Persi Schacht, Julia Aguilar-Pliego, Marco Ramírez-Garnica, Sergio Ramírez, Ibrahim Abu and Luis Noreña-Franco
182-191 Application of Oxidizing Properties of Permanganate to the Determination of Famotidine in Pharmaceutical Formulations
Kanakapura Basavaiah* and Okram Zenita Devi
192-197 Withdrawn
198-203 Optimization of Ethanol Production Process from Cassava Starch by Surface Response
Leticia López Zamora,* José Amir González Calderón, Evangelina Trujillo Vázquez and Eusebio Bolaños Reynoso
204-208 On the Treating of Lead Polluted Water: Flotation of Lead Colloidal Carbonate
Francisco J. Tavera, Martín Reyes P.,* Ramiro Escudero G. and Francisco Patiño C.
209-215 Theoretical Study of the Electronic Effects in the Intramolecular Ketene-Styrene [2+2] Cycloaddition
Manuel Fernando Rubio, Federico Jiménez-Cruz and Guillermo Ramírez-Galicia*
216-222 Kinetic Modeling of the Alkaline Decomposition and Cyanidation of Argentojarosite
Francisco Patiño,* Antonio Roca, Martín Reyes, Montserrat Cruells, Isauro Rivera and Leticia Esperanza Hernández
223-226 N-Ethylbenzylammonium Fluorochromate (VI) Adsorbed on Silica Gel, a Mild and Selective Heterogeneous Reagent
S. Zahra Sayyed-Alangi* and Mohammad T. Baei
227-232 Synthesis and Antithyroid Activity of Some 8-Substituted Purine Derivatives
Ismat Fatima, Munawar A. Munawar* and Affia Tasneem
233-239 Sensitive and Selective Extractive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Hydroxyzine Dihydrochloride in Pharmaceuticals
Nagaraju Rajendraprasad, Kanakapura Basavaiah,* Kanakapura Basavaiah Vinay and Hosakere Doddarevanna Revanasiddappa
240-244 Hypoglycemic and Antioxidant Effects of Subcoriacin in Normal and Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats
José M. Narváez-Mastache, Claudia Soto and Guillermo Delgado*
245-246 Volume Index 54, 2010
247-248 Authors Index 54, 2010

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