Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society
(J.Mex. Chem. Soc.)
former Revista de la Sociedad Química de México (Rev. Soc. Quím. Méx.)

Volume 53, Issue 3, 2009

Contents and Graphical Abstracts
July-September, 2009

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77  Editorial
78-92 A Debt Repaid. Ernest L. Eliel’s Life Made Possible by Five Years in Latin America*
Jeffrey I. Seeman
93-95 EEfficient ‘One Pot’ Nitro Reduction-Protection of ?-Nitro Aliphatic Methyl Esters
Francisco D. Díaz-Coutiño and Jaime Escalante*
96-107 On the Heats of Formation of Alkanes
Jenn-Huei Lii and Norman L. Allinger*
108-119 Calculation of the Density and Detonation Properties of C, H, N, O and F Compounds: Use in the Design and Synthesis of New Energetic Materials
Rodney L. Willer
120-125 Preparation and supporting on solid phase of chiral auxiliary (S)-4-(4-hydroxybenzyl)oxazolidin-2-one from L-tyrosinol assisted by Microwaves
Adriana Cruz and Ignacio A. Rivero*
126-130 Side-chain opening of steroidal sapogenins to form 22-oxocholestanic skeletons. An approach to analogues of the aglycone of the potent anticancer agent OSW-1
María A. Fernández-Herrera, Jesús Sandoval-Ramírez,* Socorro Meza-Reyes and Sara Montiel-Smith.
131-133 Photochemical Rearrangement of a 6-Azasteroid Oxaziridine to a Novel 17ß-Carbomethoxy-Ahomo-B-seco-6-aza-3, 5-androstanedione
Stephen Frye*
134-138 Towards the Stepwise Assembly of Molecular Borromean Rings. A Donor-Acceptor Ring-in-Ring Complex
Ross S. Forgan, Jason M. Spruell, John-Carl Olsen, Charlotte L. Stern and J. Fraser Stoddart*
139-142 Allylic Proton-Proton Coupling in Stereodefined Alkylidenecyclobutanes and Alkylidenecyco - pentanes
William F. Bailey* and Timo V. Ovaska*
143-146 On the Origin of the Conformationally Non-Interconvertable Isomers of Bisphenyldirho - dium(III) Caprolactamate
Jian-Hua Xie and Michael P. Doyle*
147-154 Optimized Methodologies in Asymmetric Organic Synthesis Applying Microwaves
Yamir Bandala, Roberto Melgar-Fernández, Ramón Guzmán-Mejía, José Luis Olivares-Romero, Blanca Rosa Díaz-Sánchez, Rodrigo González-Olvera, Jorge Vargas-Caporali and Eusebio Juaristi*
155-162 The Quest for Relationships between Conformation and Chiroptical Properties: From Solution to Solid State
Ernesto Brunet*, Hussein M.H. Alhendawi, Olga Juanes and Juan Carlos Rodríguez-Ubis
163-168 Carbene Spin Multiplicity in Solution Probed Using Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy
Jin Wang, Natalia V. Lebedeva, Matthew S. Platz and Malcolm D. E. Forbes*
169-173 A New Method to prepare an e,e,e Trisadduct of C60 Using a Protection-Deprotection Sequence
Álvaro Duarte-Ruiz, Luis Echegoyen,* Adriana Aya, Fernando Gómez-Baquero
174-192 Stereochemical Studies on the Addition of Allylsilanes to Aldehydes The SE’ Component
Scott E. Denmark* and Neil G. Almstead
193-200 Sesquiterpene Lactones, Acyl Phenyl Propanoids and Other Constituents from Schkuhria pinnata var. wislizeni. Antioxidant Evaluation
Alejandra León, Blanca M. Reyes, María Isabel Chávez, Rubén A. Toscano, Guillermo Delgado*

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