Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society
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Volume 52, Issue 4, 2008

Contents and Graphical Abstracts
October-December, 2008

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229-234 Use of Experimental Design for Calibration and Validation of Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid Mixtures
Fuensanta Sánchez Rojas,* C. Bosch Ojeda, A. J. Ruiz Sánchez and M. Espinosa Bosch
235-240 Morphology and Corrosion Performance of Chromate Conversion Coatings on Different Substrates
Miguel Antonio Domínguez-Crespo,* Edgar Onofre-Bustamante, Aidé Minerva Torres-Huerta and Francisco J. Rodríguez-Gómez
241-248 Theoretical Study of Reactivity Based on the Hard-Soft/acid-base (HSAB) in Isatoic Anhydride and Some Derivatives
Fernando R. Ramos-Morales,* Sergio Durand-Niconoff, José Correa-Basurto, Francisco J. Meléndez-Bustamante and J. Samuel Cruz-Sánchez
249-255 Electrochemical Treatment of Synthetic Wastewaters Containing Alphazurine A dye: Role of Electrode Material in the colour and COD removal
José L. Nava,* Marco A. Quiroz and Carlos A. Martínez-Huitle*
256-262 Recent Trend in Ozone Levels in the Metropolitan Zone of Mexico City
Javier Audry Sánchez and Francisco Javier Garfias Ayala
263-271 Mercury Speciation in Contaminated Soils from Old Mining Activities in Mexico Using a Chemical Selective Extraction
Irma Gavilán-García,* Elvira Santos-Santos, Luis R. Tovar-Gálvez, Arturo Gavilán-García, Sara Suárez and Jesús Olmos
272-278 Controlled Release of Model Substances from pH-Sensitive Hydrogels
David Quintanar-Guerrero, Briza Nadyr Zorraquín-Cornejo, Adriana Ganem-Rondero, Elizabeth Piñón Segundo,* María Guadalupe Nava-Arzaluz and José Manuel Cornejo Bravo
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